In the land of despair, where only the people forsaken by god lives. Every year, as part of the god’s command, forgive and keep on forgiving, he is saving someone who was long forgotten for his infernal deeds on earth.

But forgiveness cannot be given or received unless you ask for it, for that you must go on a journey through Hell and reach the purgatory, and the rest will be foraken.

Only one can be saved

In Forsaken you will control the most despicable people that ever lived. You will have to write pages (cards) to plan tomorrow’s action. You will have to compose your agenda with traveling, create alliances, scouting through hell, prey and attacking, all while trying to keep your faith high (represented by victory point.) and not succumbing into to much evil so your character will be forgiven.

We need you on in 2020









The board

Travel in dante's circle of hell ! From the frozen depth where satan's slumber to all the circle of sin.
In a 3D board where you travel from bottom to top, you'll have to help each others to go from satan's lair to the circle of lust and reach the purgatory..

A cast from the grave

Take control of one of the most infamous character of your country, or chose whatever sinner suit you the most.
Greed, Anger, Lust, Gluttony whatever suit you the most, in an epic race where only the strongest will be redeemed.